Double Cleansing + Makeup Removing Products


I’ve been practicing double cleansing for years now. That way I am sure I have removed all the makeup and impurities from my face at the end of the day. When the skin is well cleaned, all other skin care products work better and absorb into the skin with ease.

What exactly is double cleansing? The first step in double facial cleansing is to remove makeup with makeup removing products like oil balms, micellar water or milk. The second step is to wash the face with water based products which will further cleanse the face and prepare for the application of skin care. This method of facial cleansing removes all the layers of product you have on your skin, as well as the oil, dead skin cells and impurities that have accumulated on the skin throughout the day.doublecleansing

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Soft & Natural Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

I have created a simple makeup look that you can create for celebrating Valentine’s Day using only a few products. I will also leave a list of all the products I used to reach this look down below.

Lately I’ve been loving these natural looks that are so simple and emphasize natural beauty. I have a minimal amount of foundation on my face, just enough to even out the complexion and make it easier to apply other products. I love the fact that the skin is visible under the foundation and that is why I always give preference to skin care because makeup always looks better on healthy and beautiful skin.

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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas


One recent innovation on the market is the emergence of solid perfumes that look a lot like a lip balm. They are smaller than a standard perfume and therefore are ideal for handbags and travel. Solid perfumes are special and different because of their appearance, this is what makes them an ideal gift.

Solid perfumes are made from wax and perfumed balm, which ultimately looks like solid balm in a small box. The perfume is applied with the fingers where the body produces the most heat: on the wrists, on the neck, on the ears and chest. These are the key places where the perfume will last for the longest time, but you can actually apply it wherever you want.

If you are interested in Valentine’s Day gifts, Diptyque Philosykos Solid Perfume is a good option and it will certainly not go unnoticed. It can be used by both men and women, it will smell different on every skin. The main notes of the fragrance are fig leaf and fig, with green tones and coconut in the heart. Base notes include fig wood, woody notes and cedar. All in all, it gives off a woody feeling and a strong scent that is just right for the winter.diptyque-notino

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ASOS DESIGN Makeup Eyebrow Palette

When ordering from Asos, I always check the sale section because you can find quality products there for a small price. I ordered an eyebrow palette that was on a sale, and I have to admit that I was also attracted by the beautiful packaging.

The Visionary eyebrow palette comes with a mirror, a mini tweezers and a mini eyebrow brush. There are two shades of powder, lighter and darker, and wax to tame the eyebrows. Since I have dark brown hair, I prefer cooler and darker shades on my eyebrows. These shades that come in the palette tend to be more neutral, but still warmer.

The problem with this palette is the lack of pigmentation. Too much product is needed to see the difference in my dark eyebrows, the wax doesn’t help the powder to stick better on my eyebrows. A lighter taupe shade would be ideal if it had better pigmentation. The dark brown shade is too warm for me as a brunette to fill my eyebrows with. So I mix these two shades, even though it takes longer.

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Lush Don’t Look At Me Fresh Face Mask


What I love the most is a good face mask that deeply cleanses the pores. Most of the masks I have tried have had a short-term effect or irritated my skin. Today I’m writing a review of one mask that really does everything that a face mask should do.

In addition to the world-famous Lush bath bombs and other scented products, Lush also offers fresh face masks. The masks are made with fresh ingredients, so you can rest assured that you will get a fresh and handmade product. Fresh masks should be refrigerated and used within one month.

I had the opportunity to try their Don’t Look At Me fresh mask with lemon, rice, silk tofu and murumuru butter. This combination is very refreshing and skin-friendly. The rice particles will do a gentle exfoliation of the skin, and the lemon juice will refine and tone the skin. Murumuru butter will further moisturize the skin and silk tofu will soften the skin.lushfreshhandmadecosmetics

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Remington Ultimate Facial Care: Smooth & Silky Epilator


I love using facial care devices, even more so I love multifunctional devices because they save space. Today I am writing you about such a device that removes unwanted facial hair, cleanses the skin and can also massage the skin.

I’m one of those people who just can’t use any facial depilatory creams. Whatever cream I tried, it either slightly irritated my skin or I got an allergic reaction. I’m not sensitive and I’ve tried a variety of products over the years, but with facial depilatory creams I just didn’t click.

So I was looking for another solution to remove facial hair. I found the Remington Smooth & Silky facial epilator on Notino, it also has several other functions. In addition to the epilator, the device has three additional attachments – a trimmer, a massager and a cleansing brush. It runs on batteries and the attachments change depending on which treatment you want to do. The set also includes accessories for cleaning the attachments.


This is the first epilator I have ever used and I can say that the experience is not that painful at all. It’s a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not impossible to withstand. As you use it on your face, you should be gentle handed and not press the epilator very close to the skin. It helps if you tighten the skin so you have a better look on the hairs you want to remove. It won’t remove very tiny hairs, but that you can remove with the trimmer that comes in the set.remington-epilator

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Bioderma Atoderm Products For Dry Skin


Two skincare products which I can’t go without are a face cream and a hand cream. Especially during the winter when I spend a lot of time indoors where it’s heated. In order to cope with dehydrated skin, I tried two Bioderma products.

I have a combination skin type, also acne prone and sometimes dehydrated due to cold and dry air. Combination skin type is a combination of two or more skin types, and the most common indicators of combo skin are: oily t-zone and enlarged pores on that area, normal to dry cheeks and the rest of the face.bioderma-atoderm-cream

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JORD Suberhide™ Cruelty Free Wallets


JORD is a small family-owned company located in St. Louis, Missouri. This brand is known for using natural materials to create fashionable designs. They have customers in over 40 countries and offer free worldwide shipping. JORD is a Norwegian word meaning “Of the Earth” which is totally relatable to JORD’s products and natural materials they use to create designs.

JORD offers a variety of products: wood & stone watches, Apple bands, eye wear, gift sets and  vegan leather handbags. Besides handbags, you can also choose their sustainable wallets that will be a real statement piece.

If you’re like me and you love unique accessories that will stand out in the crowd, continue reading, you’re in the right place. I need to introduce you to JORD’s Suberhide wallets that can fit all of your essentials. Even your phone, yes.eila-jord-wallet

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Top 10 Beauty Products For 2019


After a short holiday break, here I am again with new posts. I hope you had a good rest during the holidays. Over the past year I have had the opportunity to try many products, and today I am writing to you about products that completely knocked me off my feet.

In terms of makeup and cosmetics, the past year has been really good. Brands are increasingly trying to place good quality products on the market and everyone can find something for themselves. I have blogged about many products of different price ranges, and throughout the past year I had an emphasis on skin care along with some pieces of decorative cosmetics.

I came across a lot of products that were amazing, there were also some products that didn’t fit me at all. The products that disappointed me were in the minority, which is great. I set myself the task of not opening new products until I used up the old ones and the system still works pretty well. This greatly saved me from piling up the products and gave me the chance to try out all the products I own without rushing.

I’ve made a list of the best beauty products for 2019. I’ve already written about most of them, so I’ll include links to reviews along with the products.

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Real Techniques Sponge Comparison


Apart from the Beauty Blender sponge, Real Techniques sponges are one of the most popular makeup application tools on the market. I have been using RT sponges for over a year now and they are really number one if you want a natural looking foundation on your face.

I must have said this several times, I was a strict advocate of brushes before I’d tried the Real Techniques sponge. I loved my brushes and I rarely used anything else other than them. I still like to use brushes today, but most of the time I am in a hurry and don’t have time for the whole procedure of using the sponge.

Today I’m going to compare the Real Techniques Original Collection Base large sponge and the Real Techniques Original Collection Finish mini base sponge. Both sponges are made from the same foam material, and the only difference is in size and purpose. After washing, the sponges should be well drained so they do not absorb the product you are going to be applying.


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