Notino Welcome Gift


I’m very excited to say I’m collaborating with Notino and I am very happy to be able to bring you more products than ever before. Notino is a web shop that has over 55,000 products, cosmetics and perfumes in its offer. Only original products are available, and the world famous brands can be found on the site.

Once a month, I will review new products here on my blog, in a collab with Notino, and will introduce you to some brands or products that I have not yet been able to use. As a welcome gift, Notino was kind enough and sent me a welcome package full of surprises.

I did not know what I would get in the package, but I have to say that they have made a great effort in choosing products. The package came in a large box, and in that box was a gift bag covered with lots of bubbles. So there’s no chance of something breaking or spilling.

Small samples and products in full size packaging could also be found in the package. Each of those products will find a place in my routine, and Notino paid special attention to finding the right products for my skin type. So let’s start presenting the products. 🙂



The first thing I saw is the Korika SciBeauty face mask with natural extracts and hyaluronic acid. Interestingly, I did not actually use any sheet masks yet and this will be the first one. Then there is a sample of Bioderma Hydrabio Gel-Creme that I already had and I liked it. There are also three samples of Medi Blanc toothpaste – Whitening, Whitening Aloe Vera and Strong Black. I like these small samples because then I know in advance what to buy or not buy.

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10 years of acne fighting

More than ten years ago I started to fight with acne. I was about 13-14 years old and had no knowledge of skin care, let alone acne treatment. First, I bought some products at the pharmacist’s recommendation, and then I looked for the help of a dermatologist. So, I’m not medically educated, but I can say that in those 10 years of struggle I have accumulated a lot of experience that I hope will help at least one of you.


For starters, I have to emphasize that this is a long lasting process, the skin condition will not improve overnight. Sometimes months are needed to see some results, and maybe even years. From personal experience I know that there were tears and frustration and happiness, but in essence you only need good will and – patience. Sometimes it will seem that a certain product is doing a miracle on your face and that it will solve all the problems, and then in a couple of days there is a reversal of the whole situation and the situation worsens.

Sometimes we simply cannot affect on all the factors that contribute to the appearance of acne, no matter how much thoroughly you rub your face and bath it with expensive creams. Sometimes it’s just pure genetics that we cannot change, and the most common cause of acne is a hormonal imbalance, both in puberty and later. In addition, add a bad diet and you have the perfect recipe for acne. 

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Lidl Cien Beauty Products – Yes or No?

You must have already seen on my Instagram profile that I adore Lidl and their clothes. The prices are very affordable, and the clothes are of good quality and long lasting. The colors do not fade after a wash, and the clothes still have their original shape. As I started using their hair cosmetics, I wanted to try their makeup.

For a little less than 6 euros I got a nail polish, a blush, a compact powder, an eye shadow and a lip balm. Great deal, right? This was a sale, otherwise I would have paid for these five products somewhat less than 8 euros. This is still not bad if you consider that only one eyeshadow in a drugstore can cost 8 euros. You will be able to read a few words about each product, see photos and swatches to find out whether the products are good.

-Cien Care lip balm-

This lip balm is a repeated purchase, it contains shea butter, vitamin E and babass oil. It is moisturizing enough, not greasy and leaves no greasy trace on the lips. It delicately nourishes the lips and it is the only balm that I am constantly returning to. They have another version Shiny Pearl, but the blue one is better for me. It cost me 0,61 euros at a discount, otherwise it costs a little bit more. I am a person who has to buy a new lip balm every two weeks, and I do not want to spend 10-20 euros every other week only for a lip balm.

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Makeup Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer

I’m currently in the phase of trying out new products and I hope to find some new favorites I could write about. I always use the same concealer all over again so I decided to introduce something new to my routine.


I ordered Makeup Revolution Conceal And Define Concealer in the shade C3 from This is a fairly bright color with a cold undertone but the shade itself looks pink on the swatch. The shade suits my skin tone, it’s not too bright for me, just as I like. I applied the concealer on to my whole face and I can say that it has a perfectly solid coverage. This shade is ideal for hiding the bags underneath my eyes, but it’s a little too bright for my face.

The concealer is rather thick, thicker than Catrice’s liquid camouflage. As I started to blend it in, something bad started happening. I used a sponge and a brush, and I could not really blend the concealer without letting it move from place to place. It is a little easier to blend it with a sponge and it is not so dry that way, but it is almost impossible to blend it nicely. It is worse with a brush because the brush streaks remain, but the coverage is slightly higher because the brush does not absorb so many products as a sponge.

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My struggle with dandruff

For years I have had no problems with dandruff, but in the last couple of months, it’s become a problem. It seems to me that dandruff has become a taboo topic and that people, especially girls, are avoiding to talk about. My fight with dandruff still lasts and I hope to help one of you with some of my tips.

About a year ago, I noticed the occurrence of dandruff. At that time I was recovering from a tonsillectomy and my immunity was very weak. I could not eat properly so I could not bring into my own organism healthy foods that contribute to healthy and shiny hair. My hair ruthlessly fallen out because of all the antibiotics I had and I believe that antibiotics are to blame for today’s condition.


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That time I was lucky, I put henna on my hair and all of the problems disappeared from my scalp. Henna is an organic color, naturally purifies and strengthens the hair and strengthens the root of hair. My hair is rejuvenated after each use of the henna, it has a healthy shine and it grows faster. I put the henna on my hair about 2-3 times a year, I do not need to use it more often because I do not have gray hair. A month or two ago I put on the henna and I thought that would solve my problem with the dandruff again, but it did not.

At the time of the appearance of dandruff, I decided to reduce the amount of products to a minimum and thus eliminate the potential producers of dandruff. I can not say that a certain product is guilty of charge, but I can say that an often use of aggressive shampoos has contributed a lot. I managed to reduce the oil secretion, which is what anyone with oily hair wants, instead I have contributed to drying the scalp and causing the dandruff. I have to say that my hair despite everything is still in very good condition and it looks really nice. It grows very fast and looks healthy.

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Current beauty favorites

In addition to the products I mentioned on my blog and Instagram, I often use some other products that I have not yet been able to write about. Mostly, those are products that are great for me now while it’s cold but I’m not sure how will they act in the spring or summer.


Excellent cream for dry and cracked skin, I usually use it for foot care. It is very greasy and harder to rub in because of it, but it really saved me this winter. Sometimes I put it on my hands if I’m very dry and on other dry areas like elbows and knees. I do not know if I will use this product in the summer because I don’t like using anything greasy when it’s warm, but during the cold days it does the job properly. It has a very intense smell, it initially annoyed me, but now I’m already used to it.


Whoever invented this product is a genius. I’m using the Squalane the whole winter hard and my skin is very soft and nurtured because of it. In the last few days I had a cold and the skin on my nose cracked from too much nose blowing (you already know how it goes). This miraculous product was the only product that did not burn my skin and irritated the already irritated area. I’ve already written about it, you can read it here.

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Asos Design makeup – worth it or not?

Less than two years ago, Asos launched its own makeup line. That’s why you cannot find many reviews on the Internet, so I decided to order a couple of things and test them. I found a blush and two matte lipsticks on a sale and ordered them. My package came in three days and I give them great praise for fast delivery.

-ASOS DESIGN Makeup Blush-

Acceptance 3.97£

I was looking for a pink blush for a while and I was delighted when I saw this one on the site. This blush has a matte finish, but does not look too powdery and gives a healthy finish. Pigmentation is very good and it’s easy to blend, it blends so nice and evenly. If you gradually build up the color and add more color with every stroke, it turns out very nice.

It is most important to mention, the color does not fade after a few hours, it remains the same as it was when it was first applied. The packaging is very compact and firm, with a blush you get a mirror that will come handy if you are on the road. You get a quantity of 9 grams and you will not use up that so fast. I used the blush several times and it literally still looks unused, as if I did not touch the surface.

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The Ordinary Products Guide

Less than two months ago I decided to order several The Ordinary products from the Beauty Bay site. It was before Christmas time and my package arrived in two weeks. I ordered four products, and have used them everyday since their arrival. I’ve been tracking the results and I’ll write about those products today. How to use the products and how to get the best results – learn more below.

-AHA 30% + BHA 2% PEELING SOLUTION 30ml, 7€-

While using this product I noticed that the appearance of blackheads diminished. AHA (alpha hydroxy acids) removes dead skin cells while BHA (beta hydroxy acids) cleans the clogged pores. All together, it results in a more beautiful and balanced skin and also results in reducing acne. The product had red and thick texture, it is best to use it twice a week or only once a week if your skin is extremely sensitive. Apply two or three drops to dry and previously cleansed skin and hold up to ten minutes as a mask. I used the timer on my cell phone every time, so that the peeling would not be held too long on my face.

I will point out once again that the peeling should be applied to dry skin, otherwise you might feel it burns your skin. Remove the peeling with lukewarm water and make sure that the area around your eyes is avoided. After use, the skin is soft and the pores are really well cleansed. After the first or second use, the surface of the skin on my face began to noticeably peel off. After all the dead cells disappeared from the skin, makeup and cosmetics seem to look better on the skin.

-NIACINAMIDE 10% + ZINC 1% 30ml, 5.5€-

By using this product I noticed that my skin does not become oily as fast as before. It regulates secretion of sebum and helps with clogged pores, thus leading to reduced appearance of pimples and deficiencies. I used it most once a day because I noticed that I was over-drying the skin if I use it in the morning and in the evening. Another positive thing about this serum – it reduces new breakouts and removes them in a day or two. 

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[REVIEW] Eveline Oh My Lips Matt Lip Kit

Liquid matt lipsticks are increasingly popular every day and almost every brand has their own version. Eveline Oh My Lips Matt Lip Kit consists of a lipstick and a pencil, and the shade I’m writing about today is 06 Cashmere Rose. All the features of this set can be read here and see if it is worth buying and what is most important – whether the products are good or not.


“Its rich formula provides an optimum level of hydration, long-lasting and durable matte effect. The formula is rich in vitamin E and a precise applicator allows even application of the product. Soft and creamy formula gives a perfectly matte look in just a few seconds. ”


The lipstick and the pen are not exactly the same shades, the pencil is lighter than the lipstick, but the difference is unnoticeable when applied. The pencil is soft and slides well on the lips. It can easily be sharpened. The lipstick has excellent pigmentation and a single layer is enough to fill the entire lips. The applicator is a really precise, evenly applies product and in combination with the pen looks very good.

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[DIY] Homemade remedies for skincare

Home remedies for skin care are nothing new. We can make use of everything we have at home and make our own affordable and highly efficient products. Most of the ingredients we will use are within your reach and you can find them in your kitchen.

Below I’ll show you three homemade recipes I use for skin care and budget savings. I found the recipes online and adapted them to my own needs and possibilities.

Face mask

As I have an oily skin, I’m constantly looking for products that would reduce the oil secretion and mattify the face. A few months ago I used Biodema Sebium Global face cleanser and a face cream from the same line. These products dried up my skin so bad, I felt like the skin was not mine, as if I had a mask on my face and all the skin would peel off at any moment.

I tried to repair the damage with hydration masks and various oils and nothing helped me. Then I decided to make my own face mask, I simply mixed honey and sugar together. This simple combination gave me hydration and skin moisture.

  • two tablespoons of honey
  • two tablespoons of granulated sugar (can be white and brown sugars)
  • optionally you can add a small amount of olive oil

I applied the mask for several days in a row until the skin condition had improved. When using this mask, avoid the surrounding eye area. Firmly close your eyes while rinsing with water to prevent sugar particles from coming into your eyes.

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