FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Device


Swedish brand FOREO is known for its innovative approach to skin care and for combining technology with skincare. They have developed amazing beauty devices that make skincare fun and also effective at home. So far, I have introduced you to two FOREO devices: LUNA mini 3 facial cleansing device and UFO 2 smart mask, and now I have tested the FOREO BEAR microcurrent facial firming device for you.


FOREO BEAR microcurrent is a smart device that, in addition to t-sonic pulsations, conducts microcurrent on the skin and tones all 65+ muscles on the face and neck. Something like a facial fitness device for exercising facial muscles, we can call it that. The result of consistent use of this innovative device is smoother and firmer skin with visible facial contours and more beautiful skin.

The device is safe to use at home because it has a unique Anti-Shock System that eliminates any chance of shock and you can stop the treatment whenever you want. This system scans the skin and automatically adjusts the current intensity optimal for comfortable and safe use. Bear also supports the use of five different microcurrent intensities so that it can be completely adapted to your needs. foreo-bear

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Skincare Favorites: Cosrx & Bioderma


If you follow me on Instagram, you know I often post my skincare and makeup favorites there. I haven’t written about favorites here on the blog in a long time so it’s time to change that. For starters I will write about skin care favorites and in one of the next posts there will be makeup favorites. 🙂

Cosrx Acne Pimple Master pimple patches are a must have at home as they are a last minute salvation. They come in a pack of 24 pcs, and one pack contains three different patch sizes which is great. They are applied to a clean and dry area, there must be no skin care products on the area where you want to apply the patch, otherwise they will not be able to stick to your skin.cosrx-notino

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Gosh Makeup: Yes or No?

I got a chance to try some Gosh products and now I’ll give you my impressions. Blushes and lipsticks are products that I generally use often, this time I’m trying mineral powder for the very first time. You can find out how I like the products below.

Gosh Mineral Powder in the shade 004 Natural is suppose to cover imperfections and even out the complexion while looking natural on the skin. This is a loose powder that is applied with a kabuki brush or any firmer brush that can pick up the powder and blend it nicely on the skin. The shade suits me well and provides medium coverage, but will not fully cover redness or imperfections. Soon after application, my skin gets oily pretty fast, faster than with regular liquid foundation, my skin got a lot more oily than usual. I applied it in a circular motion with a Real Techniques brush in a very small amount.

Each time it stuck to my skin so much that I had to blend the powder quite hard to make it look nice. It stayed in my pores and further emphasized them, as well as the texture of the skin. Every spot on my skin looked extra accentuated, and I don’t like that at all. Blending the product would be much easier on completely matte skin, every bit of natural sebum makes the blending almost impossible.gosh-mineralnipuder-notino

I have a feeling it just sits on the skin and after a while it starts to separate on certain parts of the skin. I wore it in combination with a primer and without a primer, I tried to change my moisturizer before applying the mineral powder, but it was the same story every time. At the end of the day I just wanted to take that powder off my face because it looked really bad and my skin seemed to be irritated.

Gosh I’m Blushing blushes are a whole other story, the pigmentation is medium and can be nicely upgraded. I wore the pink shade 003 Passion as a blush, and the shade 004 Rush I wore as a bronzer because it’s a very warm and earthy shade. Both work very nicely and are long-lasting on the skin. They blend easily, but I’ve also noticed that they stick to the skin if I don’t set my skin with some powder before applying. This is not a problem for me because I normally set the foundation with some powder product, but if you prefer the natural glow and don’t like to use powdered products – this might not be a good choice for you. In that case, blending takes a bit of an effort and I have a feeling it moves all the products I’ve applied before.gosh-rumenilo-notino


Gosh Luxury Nude Lips semi-matte lipstick with a moisturizing effect, I would say more is a creamy lipstick that leaves a little shine on the lips. The shade 001 Nudity is too bright for my lip color, almost imperceptible on the lips and it looks like I applied lip balm so I used it that way. The shade 003 Stripped is a bit more noticeable nude shade, a warm toned nude brown shade. It survive eating and drinking, most of the color stays on the lips, but it is desirable to fix the lipstick a bit, since it is a creamy lipstick and it will the color will fade a bit. The formula applies evenly, doesn’t dry out the lips and after a few hours of wearing I had no need to apply lip balms.gosh-ruz-notino


All in all, as you may have already read, I am happy with some of the products and some have disappointed me. I was most disappointed with the mineral powder, it doesn’t suit my skin at all and that’s a no from me. All the other products were quite good, takes a bit of work with them, but the end result is overall good. It would be great if the blush blended more easily, but compared to the powder they are great for me. I was hoping the lipsticks would be a bit more pigmented, I have to put a few coats to get full pigmentation, but they’re quite good quality for a creamy lipstick when it comes to nourishment of the lips. I wish the lighter shade was more noticeable on the lips, it’s barely even there and I probably won’t use it all.

Have you tried some Gosh products? Would you buy these products?

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Rose in Cosmetics: Benefits + Products


Rose is an excellent antioxidant that strengthens the skin, stimulates the growth of new skin cells, helps reduce inflammation and hydrates the skin. If you also like the rose scent in cosmetics, you are in the right place. In collaboration with Notino, I have prepared some products for today where the rose is the main star.

Roses were one of the ingredients that were highly respected and often used throughout history, especially in Greek and Roman culture. Roses were even used in medicine to treat headaches and various ailments because the rose was believed to have an astringent and anti-inflammatory effect, they also made baths with rose petals. The cities were decorated with bouquets of roses, and the beds were sprinkled with rose petals. Back then, the rose was very expensive and available only to the wealthier, later available to all people. Cosmetics and perfumes with roses began to be produced, rose ingredients were even used in food, in the preparation of various teas and beverages.saloos-ruzinoulje-notino

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Benefit Cha Cha Lip & Cheek Mango Tint


Thanks to my lovely friend Sandra, I got to try this Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint mango-tinted lip & cheek stain. This is a 2in1 product made for lips and cheeks, it’s a real treat for us makeup lovers.

Benefit Cosmetics Cha Cha Tint comes in a girly packaging that looks a lot like nail polish and it’s very pretty. At first glance, the mango shade definitely looks like a peachy orange shade, but as soon as I start to blend it – it turns into a baby pink shade with a bit of peach tint. The tint stays on the skin the entire day, it’s very natural on the skin and it blends so easily. It’s very pigmented, so a little goes a long way.benefit-chachatint

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Goodbye Summer + Favorite Nail Polishes I Used This Summer


As a greeting to summer and summer manicures, I have prepared a brief review of several shades of nail polish I have been wearing this summer. Some of my favorites are Essie, Catrice and Essence nail polishes that were always on my nails during these past days.

As I don’t paint my nails very often, when I dare to take that step, I want the nail polish to be applied as easily as possible and to last as long as possible. As a base before applying the actual nail polish, I use Essie Strong Start colorless base coat, which acts both as a base and as a top coat. It extends the duration of my manicure for two days, my nail polish does not crack or chip, it makes the surface of the nail is very shiny and smooth. It looks like I have gel on my nails, but I don’t. Also, I have a feeling it nourishes my nails because since I started using it, my nails generally chip less.


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Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum


Never enough perfume, right? One of the newer perfumes in my collection is Chloé Nomade Eau de Parfum, a beautiful floral chypre fragrance suitable for everyday wear.

Chloé Nomade perfume water (edp) is a real fragrant treat, below you can read a few words about this perfume that won me over this summer. One perfume pump is so long lasting on the skin, clothes and skin smell nice all day, the scent stays on the body for over 12 hours. The scent doesn’t evaporate from the skin and I can smell it even the second day on the clothes I wore the day before.

Chloé Nomade is a sweet and powdery scent that immediately after application smells quite strong, I would even say masculine and nutty. Within half an hour or longer, the scent develops into a powdery tone that is really beautiful and feminine. To me, this perfume screams elegance and sophistication, and those two things will never go out of


The main notes of the perfume are mirabelle plum, which gives an intense and enchanting note, the base is oakmoss, which exudes sensuality and balances the delicate aroma between sweet notes. The heart of the perfume is a freesia that rounds out the whole story with its feminine and seductive notes.

Imagine a strong and independent woman who is persistent in making all her dreams come true and breaking down all obstacles that stand in her way. That would be a creative description of this feminine perfume. It ‘s a real summer perfume, and I think it will be a good scent for colder days too. I enjoy these sweet powdery scents so much, I love that this scent stays present long after


Chloé Nomade perfume comes in a few different sizes, my copy that you can see on this photo has 30 ml and its price is 304.90 kn. There is another version of this perfume with different notes, both perfumes can be found on Notino. There is also the option of engraving text on perfumes for 44 kn, which can be a great personalized gift.

What is your favorite summer perfume? Do you prefer floral or citrus scents?


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Afrodita Professional Pure Skin Solution Pore Minimising Fluid


I have been using the Pore minimising fluid from the Afrodita Professional line for about a month and a half, it suits my combination acne prone skin very much. It contains salicylic acid, witch hazel extract and the Amazonian complex, all together reducing excessive sebum secretion and mattifying the skin.

Salicylic acid removes dead skin cells, has anti-inflammatory effects and effectively fights blackheads. Witch hazel extract is a soothing astringent that visually reduces pores, also has antibacterial properties and it’s very successful in treating acne and pimples. In addition, this fluid also contains niacinamide which regulates sebum secretion and brightens dark spots.

Afrodita Professional Pure Skin Solution Pore minimising fluid comes in a gel formula, but you can feel a slightly oilier and thicker texture under the fingers, which provides great hydration to the skin. It’s lightweight and doesn’t make the skin oily, the pores look clean and that is very important to me. It doesn’t clog my pores, but keeps them clean with the help of salicylic acid. The fluid is light on the skin, it doesn’t tighten the skin and I don’t feel it on the skin at all. It has a light greenish scent that evaporates quickly and the scent is not overpowering.


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Hair Care + Tips For Healthy And Beautiful Hair


My hair care is pretty simple, but I have a few aces up my sleeve that make my life easier. For both facial and hair care, I stick to this sentence – less is more. With a couple of good products and tricks, there are no split ends and the hair grows nicely.

My hair care routine usually consist only of shampoo and conditioner, some serum or hair styling products. I still use the Klorane Oat Milk and Peony line of shampoos and conditioners, with them my hair is clean for up to four days and I have no need to use dry shampoo at all. Avoiding excessive use of heat has helped me greatly to reduce the amount of split ends, and gentle brushing also helps to avoid hair loss. By that I mean really gentle combing, not plucking a strand of hair that later turns into split ends. I use a hair straightener maybe once a month, and every few months I go for a trim.

My natural hair color is dark brown, never treated with industrial dyes, but due to the sun it can fade so it looks like I have strands. I didn’t like it so five years ago I started dyeing my hair with henna. Henna is a plant that has been used since ancient times for the purpose of beautifying the body, even Cleopatra used henna for these purposes. It’s used for natural hair coloring, it strengthens the hair root and restores the hair, and gives the hair a beautiful shine. haircare-notino

Henna should be applied to natural hair color, one that has never been treated with synthetic dyes or bleached. I emphasize this for the reason that it’s not recommended to use henna on bleached or already colored hair with industrial dye – I will write about henna in one of the next posts. Henna helps me a lot in maintaining the health of my hair, accelerates hair growth and I am pretty suredue to henna my hair is in such good condition.

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My Favorite Summer Products From Avène


I haven’t written for a long time about the product favorites I’m currently using so here’s one post with some summer favorites. You can also read a few short reviews about several Avene products that are in my collection during these hot summer days. 🙂

Avène Sun Minéral High Protection Tinted Compact with SPF 50 that I only recently discovered, but won me over at first sight. It is a compact mineral powder in the shade Beige 10, which is ideal for light skin tones. The shade is perfect for this summer complexion I have, and it would also suit me if I were lighter-skinned like I normally am.

It spreads easily and blends on the skin with the help of a sponge that comes in the package, leaving such a nice even complexion. It covers small imperfections and with this powder I simply have the feeling that my skin is breathing. The powder on the skin leaves a light satin finish, it doesn’t completely mattify the skin, but I don’t expect that from a product like this. On Notino you can find another darker shade of this compact, and I also recommend that you take a look at their Summer Black Friday offer.avene-kompaktnipuder-notino

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