FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Device


Swedish brand FOREO is known for its innovative approach to skin care and for combining technology with skincare. They have developed amazing beauty devices that make skincare fun and also effective at home. So far, I have introduced you to two FOREO devices: LUNA mini 3 facial cleansing device and UFO 2 smart mask, and now I have tested the FOREO BEAR microcurrent facial firming device for you.


FOREO BEAR microcurrent is a smart device that, in addition to t-sonic pulsations, conducts microcurrent on the skin and tones all 65+ muscles on the face and neck. Something like a facial fitness device for exercising facial muscles, we can call it that. The result of consistent use of this innovative device is smoother and firmer skin with visible facial contours and more beautiful skin.

The device is safe to use at home because it has a unique Anti-Shock System that eliminates any chance of shock and you can stop the treatment whenever you want. This system scans the skin and automatically adjusts the current intensity optimal for comfortable and safe use. Bear also supports the use of five different microcurrent intensities so that it can be completely adapted to your needs. foreo-bear

Like any other FOREO device, before the first use, it is necessary to register it via the FOREO For You app where the device can be easily operated from. There you can also find routines for using the device, as well as tips for use. After that you can use the device without the app. Turn on the device with one press of a button, and each subsequent press changes the intensity of the microcurrent. To turn off t-sonic pulsations, simply press the button twice in succession, and to turn off the device completely, press the button for three seconds.

The ergonomic Swedish design is adapted to the contours of the face, and the silicone prevents the device from slipping out of your hand. One charge of the device is enough for up to 90 uses. If you need to charge the device, it is in the process of charging until the light stops flashing.


On cleansed and dry skin, a water-based product is applied and the settings you want to use are adjusted in the app. The device is easily managed via the app and I recommend using it in combination with the app as you have more control. It is important to note that oil-based products are not used because the oil does not conduct electricity and could sting on the skin. Never use Bear without applying a conductive product.foreo-bear-smartdevice

FOREO Bear is a very smart device, so it will recognize if the chosen microcurrent intensity is too much for your skin type, you can stop or reduce the treatment accordingly. In order for the device to conduct the microcurrent, it must be constantly pressed against the skin and must not cause discomfort to the skin at all. Slide the device over the skin, pressing lightly upwards.

I recommend the gradual introduction of the intensity and length of the treatment, when the skin gets used to it and becomes more resistant, you can easily increase the intensity later.


I have been using the FOREO Bear microcurrent skin tightening device for the last month and a half. I have noticed firmer and nicely tightened skin, the products are better absorbed into the skin after use. The skin is smoother and seems like I have gotten a mini face lift. I’m not as swollen in the face as usual and I my face looks “thinner”, while I haven’t lost a single kilogram. I used the device every night or every other night for 2 minutes, at a lower current intensity – specifically intensity 7. Best of all, I can do the treatment at home in a few minutes, and the effect is even more than good.

Along with FOREO BEAR, I also used their Serum Serum Serum with hyaluronic acid and squalane. Hyaluronic acid hydrates and plumps the skin, while squalane prevents trans-epidermal water loss and smoothes the skin. The micro-capsule system allows ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin where they can best nourish the skin. The serum has no scent and I really enjoyed using it. It is designed for use with the BEAR device, but you can also use any other hyaluronic conduction serum.foreo-serumserumserum

More concrete results require several months of consecutive use. One treatment in two weeks is not enough, consistency is key if you want to see results. I put my before and after photos, I think it can be seen that the skin is tighter and smoother. The contours on the cheeks are more pronounced, and the skin in the jaw area is also firmer.

In the left picture you can see that my cheeks are fuller and the contour of my face is not visible, and in the right picture the contour is visible and the skin looks tighter.
In the left picture you can see that the skin is more loose, and in the right it is more toned and firmer.


I’ll be turning 27 this year, I am slowly seeing tiny wrinkles appear and I would like to stop that as much as possible. Better safe than sorry, right? That’s why FOREO BEAR is a super practical device for home use and maintaining a youthful looking skin. If you love beauty gadgets, I definitely recommend you give it a try. The big BEAR is on the more expensive side, but there is also the BEAR mini which is more affordable. The only difference is that the BEAR mini has three microcurrent intensities and it’s smaller in size.

If you decide to buy, FOREO always has promotions on the site that are worth checking out and saving some money. I find BEAR to be a very good home alternative to cosmetic anti-age treatments which are much more expensive than this device. Here BEAR has the advantage because you can do your treatment at home whenever you want, even on Saturday night after work or whenever it suits you. πŸ™‚

Let me know your experiences with the FOREO BEAR microcurrent device! πŸ™‚



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