My struggle with dandruff

For years I have had no problems with dandruff, but in the last couple of months, it’s become a problem. It seems to me that dandruff has become a taboo topic and that people, especially girls, are avoiding to talk about. My fight with dandruff still lasts and I hope to help one of you with some of my tips.

About a year ago, I noticed the occurrence of dandruff. At that time I was recovering from a tonsillectomy and my immunity was very weak. I could not eat properly so I could not bring into my own organism healthy foods that contribute to healthy and shiny hair. My hair ruthlessly fallen out because of all the antibiotics I had and I believe that antibiotics are to blame for today’s condition.


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That time I was lucky, I put henna on my hair and all of the problems disappeared from my scalp. Henna is an organic color, naturally purifies and strengthens the hair and strengthens the root of hair. My hair is rejuvenated after each use of the henna, it has a healthy shine and it grows faster. I put the henna on my hair about 2-3 times a year, I do not need to use it more often because I do not have gray hair. A month or two ago I put on the henna and I thought that would solve my problem with the dandruff again, but it did not.

At the time of the appearance of dandruff, I decided to reduce the amount of products to a minimum and thus eliminate the potential producers of dandruff. I can not say that a certain product is guilty of charge, but I can say that an often use of aggressive shampoos has contributed a lot. I managed to reduce the oil secretion, which is what anyone with oily hair wants, instead I have contributed to drying the scalp and causing the dandruff. I have to say that my hair despite everything is still in very good condition and it looks really nice. It grows very fast and looks healthy.

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