Christmas Gift Ideas πŸŽ…


Choosing gifts is one of my favorite activities during this pre-Christmas time and I am always full of ideas. What to choose as a gift for your loved ones? If you need some ideas for Christmas presents, you’re in the right place.

The ideal gift any woman would like to receive is a good foundation or a good face cream. Here I have to suggest Clinique Superdefense CC Cream with SPF 30, a great product for everyday use. It has a medium coverage, protects the skin from sunlight and evens out the complexion.

The best thing about this CC cream is that it doesn’t highlight the dry parts at all but gives it extra moisture. It covers some redness and irregularities, but it will not cover a lot of redness or inflamed acne. It provides hydration and the skin simply looks fresh and healthy for hours after application.

For myself, I chose the shade 02 Light, which blends perfectly with my complexion and looks really nice on my face. It has a very thick texture so I prefer to apply it with clean fingers, in the end, I just blend it a little with a sponge or brush.

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Best Beauty Advent Calendars for 2019


I did a little research on the beauty Advent calendars and decided to make a list of those calendars that are worth buying this year. I sorted them by price, and under each calendar you can see where to buy it and what type of calendar it is.

Of course, this is not mandatory at all, it’s just a help in choosing if you want to get some cosmetics Advent calendar. After all, most of these calendars have quite high prices, so before buying I would recommend you take a look at the contents of your desired calendar. Explore the content you might get and see if you would like that content. You can re gift something and it’s great that you can that can find full size products in a lot of advent calendars.

I’ve done a lot of research on this topic, watched a few unboxing videos, and I think these calendars are worth to look at. This list has something for everyone: a calendar for makeup lovers, a calendar for lovers of creams and body products, a combination of makeup and skincare, and a calendar with nail polishes.

Nivea Advent Calendar


Where to buy: Notino, Amazon

Type: makeup and skincare

Price: 32€

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Candles and Body Care: At Home Spa


What do you do when you want to relax? I put on a face mask, light some candles and shut down all of my social media. It has become a fulfilling ritual for me and I feel better afterwards every time. Everyone has a different way of relaxing, and I’ll show you mine today.

With the arrival of the winter months when the weather is gloomy and cold, inspiration and creativity sometimes disappear. Then I like to do something for myself, take an hour for myself, an hour without pressure and stress. I light one or two candles and enjoy the scent. There is something soothing about watching a candle burn.lidlcetka

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How I stopped buying cosmetics and clothes


I am a person who likes to try out different products, replace old products with new ones and ultimately – I would not have anything to write here if I don’t do that. In the past year I’ve been trying to be more moderate in buying everything, not just cosmetics and clothing. I do not want to accumulate products that never see the light of day and spend money on products that I do not get use of.

It happened to me a hundred times where I bought cotton pads because I thought I used it all and then I found that I had an unopened package at home. It started irritating me because I did not even get to know what I had in stock and then bought it accordingly. I could not go to the drugstore for one thing and not to come back with four more unnecessary things.

I started asking myself questions “Do I need this” or “when will I use this”. I started thinking rationally and making lists for everything I could buy. Really, who needs four white T-shirts that look the same? Do you really need that red nail polish you look at on the shelf at the store, and last time you wearing a red nail polish was ten years ago? You want to buy a black leather skirt, and you have never worn skirts and it is a great possibility that you will not even wear this one?


When you start thinking logically, you can save a lot of money. I always bought nail polishes before and I never used it. Buying would be justified by “so maybe I will need it one day”. Do not misunderstand me and think that I have a bunch of products packed in closets as some American YouTubers. Not nearly.

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