Nivea Urban Skin Moisturise Face Mask


Another one of Nivea news is the Urban Skin line, a line enriched with ingredients that protect the skin from harmful effects from the environment we live in. Sounds great, right? The Urban Skin line contains a multitude of interesting products that I want to try and for now I decided to try just a moisturizing mask.

I’m talking about Urban Detox Moisturise face mask that contains green tea and hyaluronic acid. If you know me, you know that these two ingredients are my favorite so it’s normal that I had chosen a product like this.

I have not had the opportunity to try any moisturizing masks until now and I just needed one of these. The mask has a very gel like and thick texture, like applying a very rich face cream. The formula of the mask is blue and when you start to apply it onto the skin then it turns into a white color.


The mask should be applied to a clean face, avoiding the area around the eyes, hold it for one minute and then rinse it. I have to admit I left it for more than a minute on my face to see if the effect is different. A minute or two minutes, it’s the same, it doesn’t make any difference for me.

After washing off the mask, the skin is very soft and hydrated, which is the ultimate goal of this mask. This product is one of the few that does not create a feeling of burning on my face, but instead it creates a feeling of hydration.

I did not notice that my face now looks cleaner or tighter, as Nivea claims, but the mask gives hydration and that’s why I wanted to have it. When the skin is moisturized and nourished, it automatically looks healthy and fresh. It takes a small amount for the whole face, two pea grains, which means that this mask will last me forever if I use it twice or three times a week.


-Yes or No?-

I like to use face masks, sometimes two or three times a week, sometimes less often, depending what my skin needs. This Nivea mask came super handy and I’m very glad I got a chance to try it. If you need extra hydration on your face, and look for an affordable option – this is the product for you.

The price of this mask on Notino is 38.30 kn and you get an amount of 75 ml.

Comment down below if you have tried this Nivea Urban Skin Moisturise face mask and what are your impressions. 🙂


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Makeup Revolution Cheek Kit Don’t Hold Back


Highlighters and bronzers make it so easy to achieve sunny and bronzey tan, all without exposure to harmful sun rays. In the summer I like to use shimmer and bronze shades on my face to achieve that sunburnt look. Having everything in one palette is very practical, and when you find a good quality and affordable palette – it’s a dream come true.

I avoided all products that contained shimmer before, my skin simply could not handle them. I’ve changed my whole skin care routine and my skin is less oily now, which is a great success for a person who had very oily skin for the most part of her life. Now I can finally enjoy the highlighters and bronzers without the fear that my face will look greasy.

The palette I’m writing about today is the Makeup Revolution Cheek Kit in the Don’t Hold Back shade. The palette contains two shimmer highlighters and two shimmer bronzers. The first highlighter has a pure gold tone, and the other has a rose gold tone. Both shades are very finely grounded and very pigmented, although it seems to me that the other shade is more intense.

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Nivea Clay Fresh Shower Gels


Recently, new Nivea clay shower gels came out on the market and I wanted to try them. I have not used such clay products on my body so far, and the idea of clay shower gels is very interesting. I like to use face masks with clay so I think these products could be very effective.

-Nivea Clay Fresh-

-Blue Agave & Lavender; Hibiscus & White Sage-


These shower gels are available in three versions: Hibiscus & White Sage, Blue Agave & Lavender and Ginger & Basil. I ordered the first two versions from Notino and I did not make a mistake when choosing. If you have not seen it yet, seasonal discounts have started on Notino, so go to the page and catch your favorite discount products. 🙂

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Laneige Water Bank Moisture Kit


I have heard only good comments about Korean brands from other bloggers and I wanted to try out if Korean products are really so good. I’ve ordered a few products I still test, but today you will be able to read about some Korean skin care products.

Today, I’ll talk about the Laneige Water Bank Moisture Kit, which I ordered from the Korean site called YesStyle. I ordered three products in sample packaging, just to test their quality. I did not want to buy a full size pack immediately because I am trying to reduce my cosmetics collection as much as possible.


Water Bank Moisture Essence 10ml

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Summer Favorites: My Fave Beauty Products


It’s been three months since I wrote about my current favorites, and this time I want to introduce you to the products I’m using this summer. I always try to make products easily accessible and affordable, and these products are for sure in that category.

I will start with SPF products and one of them is Nivea Sun Shine Control Sunscreen with SPF 30. An excellent and light cream that absorbs very quickly and leaves no trace on the skin. The price of this Nivea cream is 45,90 kn on Notino, and you get an amount of 50 ml. I recently wrote about it and a detailed review can be read here.

I always have to keep my lips moisturised, and this time the choice fell on Labello Sun Protect with an SPF 30. The formula is very moisturizing, leaves no white cast on the lips and has no particular scent. This lip balm came in with a balm that you apply after sunbathing, but I did not use it because I passed it on. When buying I thought it was two ordinary lip balms, I did not even notice it was a set for sunbathing ha-ha. The price for both is 34 kn in Muller, and each comes in a packaging of 4.8g.


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Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Mascara


Eyebrow mascara is a product I have been using for years and it is one of the beauty products that I can’t live without. Over the years, it was often a problem finding a perfect shade that would match my natural eyebrow color, there was a lot of warmer shades that were leaning towards orange/red undertone and did not look good on my dark eyebrows.

In order to finally tame my eyebrows, I got help by the Catrice Brow Colorist Semi-Permanent Eyebrow Mascara. The mascara comes in five shades that you can find on Notino, and I believe every person could find their ideal shade. Today I will talk about the shade of 030 Dark and it is ideal for dark eyebrows.

It fills in the eyebrows and emphasizes them, gives them the volume and shape you want. Before putting on a mascara, I always put some pomade or eyebrow pencil on my eyebrows because I had sparse parts on my eyebrows and mascara wouldn’t be enough. To be sure that my eyebrows will be perfect for the rest of the day, I put the mascara as the final step.


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Clinique Pop Matte Liquid Lipstick


Nowadays almost every brand has its own line of liquid matte lipsticks and this time I have decided to try one liquid lipstick from Clinique. I’m more and more obsessed with nude tones, so it’s no wonder you’re reading a review of another shade like that. This is my first Clinique product and I can hardly wait to find out if it will meet my expectations.

The lipstick you can see in the pictures is Clinique Pop Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Cake Pop. This lipstick is presented as a liquid lipstick that gives mat effect, but is not a classic matte lipstick and does not dry up to the end. It does not contain any shiny particles, but it is not matte.

I would say that it is a creamy lipstick, it gives the lips some shine because it does not dry up to the end and so the lips are getting more volume. This is a nude pink shade that is applied easily and evenly to the lips and does not dry out the lips. I often do a lip scrub and put on my lip balm so I do not have any dry cracks on my lips that it could get into.


With the applicator I have not had any problems, it is precise and you do not need an additional brush for the application. As far as durability is concerned, you will need to reapply it after meals and drinks. It leaves a trace on the glass, and the lipstick begins to disappear after eating.

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Nivea Sun Shine Control Sunscreen SPF 30


Do you know that feeling when you put an SPF cream on your face and your face gets oily right away, and the makeup does not really stick to such a surface? That’s why we often avoid putting any SPF cream on the face, which is not good at all. More recently, mattifying SPF creams started being in the focus of attention in the beauty industry – a relief for all those who have oily/combination skin.

I know, summer is at the door, we all want to be tanned and for that we spend so much time in the sun. In order to protect against harmful UV rays and possible sun burns, before any direct exposure to sunlight, an SPF cream must be applied. Although UV rays may not be visible with the naked eye, they penetrate deep into the skin and can cause great damage. You can also get tanned skin if you use a protective factor cream while protecting yourself from negative consequences.niveasun-spf

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L’Oreal, Labellino & The Balm products – Notino


In one of the previous articles I have announced product reviews from Notino and now I’m bringing you four new products. One foundation, a nail polish, a highlighter and a lip balm. I’ve tested these products for the last couple of weeks and now my final impressions are here.

Although I’ve got the products in a collab with Notino, these are my honest impressions about them. The package came in a few days from ordering, and the products were well protected with bubbly wrap. Everything was fine, and every product came in extraordinary condition. My product impressions – learn more below.

-L’Oréal Paris Color Riche nail polish, shade 114 Nude Demoiselle-

If I paint my nails, I paint them with a lighter shade because I’m clumsy and darker shades do not look good on my nails. This milky pink shade had me at first glance and I did not make any mistakes when choosing. You need two layers for full coverage and it lasted for five days without any chipping.

I have to say that this is the first nail polish that smells nice after painting. I do not know if I made it up, but I really feel a nice powdered scent ha-ha. I noticed that my nails are not dried out after removing the nail polish and my nails do not break easily. The current price for this item on Notino is 33,39 kn and you get an amount of 13,5 ml.

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The Ordinary Products Guide #2


It’s been two months since you’ve last seen The Ordinary products here, and today you can continue to read The Ordinary story. I have three products I’ve tested for the past two months, and whether they are so good or not – learn more below.

I still use the products I reviewed last time and my skin is in excellent shape due to them. The products I will review today include classic and minimalist packaging as well as all The Ordinary products. All three products are dosed with a pipette that can be impractical sometimes, but that’s a matter of habit. Let’s go to the product review.


High-Adherance Silicone Primer 30ml, €4.75

This is a lightweight silicone primer, nicely smooths the skin and fills the pores. Its texture reminds me of TO azelaic acid, only it doesn’t dry into a matte finish and acts as a moisturizing cream. I put it onto my bare skin and it looks nice if you need to smooth your skin in a hurry. I’m not sure I like how it behaves when I have foundation on, it starts to peel off as soon as I start to blend the foundation in.

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