[REVIEW] Eveline Oh My Lips Matt Lip Kit

Liquid matt lipsticks are increasingly popular every day and almost every brand has their own version. Eveline Oh My Lips Matt Lip Kit consists of a lipstick and a pencil, and the shade I’m writing about today is 06 Cashmere Rose. All the features of this set can be read here and see if it is worth buying and what is most important – whether the products are good or not.


“Its rich formula provides an optimum level of hydration, long-lasting and durable matte effect. The formula is rich in vitamin E and a precise applicator allows even application of the product. Soft and creamy formula gives a perfectly matte look in just a few seconds. ”


The lipstick and the pen are not exactly the same shades, the pencil is lighter than the lipstick, but the difference is unnoticeable when applied. The pencil is soft and slides well on the lips. It can easily be sharpened. The lipstick has excellent pigmentation and a single layer is enough to fill the entire lips. The applicator is a really precise, evenly applies product and in combination with the pen looks very good.

Each product can be used separately, which is an extra plus. You are not required to put a pencil underneath the lipstick, but if you need a guide – put the pencil on the corners of your lips and fill them with the lipstick. The lipstick quickly dries and it’s not sticky. Before applying any matte lipsticks I try to exfoliate my lips so there aren’t any dead skin cells and the products applies well.


The fun begins when you apply lipstick and go do your things. You’ve already forgotten about the lipstick, it’s nice on your lips and then you look into the mirror and see it had disappeared of the middle of your lips. You can not see this from afar, but you see it up close. The situation can easily be repaired with a small lipstick touch up and it looks fine.

The lipstick has some sweet scent, and I did not notice any scent on the pen. The texture of both products is really good, it did not feel tightening around my lips and I didn’t have a feeling of wearing a mask on my lips. The products are not heavy, they have not dried my lips and are easily removed.

I wore a lipstick in combination with a pencil and during the test I noticed the following:

  • 1h after: I ate some lean food and the lipstick started disappearing from the middle of my lips
  • 2h after: I drank coffee and the traces were left on the cup, and the edges of the lips were no longer precise
  • 4h after: it started to fall out and crumble but still looks good
  • 8h after: the fallout  is more noticeable


Lipstick’s longevity is good at first, but problems start as soon as you eat and drink. You can fix the lipstick once, but you will not be able to fix the lips every hour. I must point out that with all this truancy, the lipstick really still looks good and wearable. It just somehow loses that precision, perhaps because of the formula or perhaps because of the cold it starts to crumble.

I am generally satisfied with this set, despite the fallouts, both products are durable after several hours of application. From the immediate proximity, I see the small disadvantages I have stated before, but no one will notice it from the distance. To conclude, if you do not look for 100% accuracy and longevity – then this product is for you. If you want 100% and more of it – then skip the purchase.  

In the package you get 4.5 ml of lipstick and one lip pen, and the price is about 8$.

Have you tried these products? What are your impressions?


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