How I stopped buying cosmetics and clothes


I am a person who likes to try out different products, replace old products with new ones and ultimately – I would not have anything to write here if I don’t do that. In the past year I’ve been trying to be more moderate in buying everything, not just cosmetics and clothing. I do not want to accumulate products that never see the light of day and spend money on products that I do not get use of.

It happened to me a hundred times where I bought cotton pads because I thought I used it all and then I found that I had an unopened package at home. It started irritating me because I did not even get to know what I had in stock and then bought it accordingly. I could not go to the drugstore for one thing and not to come back with four more unnecessary things.

I started asking myself questions “Do I need this” or “when will I use this”. I started thinking rationally and making lists for everything I could buy. Really, who needs four white T-shirts that look the same? Do you really need that red nail polish you look at on the shelf at the store, and last time you wearing a red nail polish was ten years ago? You want to buy a black leather skirt, and you have never worn skirts and it is a great possibility that you will not even wear this one?


When you start thinking logically, you can save a lot of money. I always bought nail polishes before and I never used it. Buying would be justified by “so maybe I will need it one day”. Do not misunderstand me and think that I have a bunch of products packed in closets as some American YouTubers. Not nearly.

The most important thing I started to do was – making lists. Cosmetic, household, clothing list. If it’s not on the list, I do not even buy it. Of course I couldn’t always manage, but every time I was getting stronger haha. I often used to buy clothes or clothes just because they were on a sale, not because I needed them. It also helped my taste in clothing is very simple and classic, and in more and more of today’s stores there are more and more clothes I do not like.

As a blogger, I have to keep track of trends and new things on the market, but it’s a slippery road that can result in a financial disaster. I have a system that is functioning right now, and that’s not to buy new things just because they are new at the moment. Yes, a new cream is interesting to me, but I have not spent the old one at the moment. When I spend the old cream, I buy a new one and then I can write a review or whatever. So, I’m trying to rationalize everything I do for the blog.


Of course, I sometimes like to treat myself, but most of the time I try to buy the products I will get the most use of. Sometimes I remind myself how I lived a couple of years ago when I had one product from each category and I was happy with it.

Another important thing I do from time to time is – an inventory. I’m going all over the house and checking what I have, what I do not have and what I need to buy. It makes so much easier not to oversee something and buy something I already have. I’m so disciplined now that I can go to the drugstore and leave empty handed if I do not see what I need.

It’s very important to find your style. If you do a little makeup, you do not need to buy artificial lashes because the chances are very small that you will use them. Do you dream of a new dress and feel so embarrassed when you’re in a dress? People often have the idea that every woman should wear skirts and heels because it is socially acceptable. Never allow yourself to be put in a mold, to live by other people’s standards, to buy things you feel uncomfortable in.

Buy what you really love to wear, buy cosmetics that will make you even more beautiful. There is no better feeling than feeling good and confident.

What are your tricks to control shopping impulse?



  1. I’ve become more aware lately as well of how many things ; (skincare) I own most I don’t use and have forgotten about. But it is equally hard when your job is to talk about products so naturally you will receive and be curious to try new products. It’s a matter of mental self control.

    1. Yes, I can totally relate to this. Self control is very important so that you don’t open many products and they go to waste.

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