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A few months ago, I introduced FOREO, a Swedish brand that produces skincare devices and products, as well as their smart skin cleansing device – FOREO LUNA mini 3. Now I got the opportunity to try their new FOREO UFO 2, a powerful mask & light therapy treatment device.

FOREO UFO 2 is designed with the goal of providing a facial treatment in 90 seconds, equal to the one you would get at a beauty salon. With longer use of this device, more hydrated, plumped, firmer skin with less wrinkles and more glow is expected. This device combines advanced smart mask technology with LED light therapy and thermo therapy, cryotherapy and the use of T-sonic pulsations, which results in a more beautiful and radiant complexion.

The treatment lasts 90 seconds and the procedure can be repeated, if necessary. During the treatment the app plays relaxing music and that’s exactly why I had the feeling that I was really in the spa and not at home in my bathroom. After the end of the treatment, it’s necessary to remove the mask from the device and rinse off the device under warm water. Fear not, the UFO 2 is waterproof, so there is no worry that it will be damaged by water. foreo-ufo2-smartmask

-How to use it-

Before using it for the first time, you need to unlock and register the device with the FOREO For You app that connects to the device via Bluetooth of your mobile device. After the device is connected to the app, you need to enter the required data and the device is ready for use. The app uses different combinations of T-sonic pulsations and LED light therapy depending on the type of mask that is placed on the device.

To start the smart mask treatment, simply open the app and scan the barcode on the packaging of the mask. The barcode of the mask must always be scanned so that the app knows what treatment requires which type of mask. On the back of the device, there is a ring with the FOREO logo that needs to be removed, that’s where you need to place the mask. Remove the mask from its packaging and place it in the space provided in the device and lock it with a ring. Press the start of treatment and follow further instructions.foreo-makemyday-h2ooverdose

I suggest that you check the battery status via the app and charge the device before the first use, if necessary. The device is charged via a USB cable, and one charge is enough for 40 uses. The device charges until the flashing light goes out, for me it took about an hour or two. Never use the device without the mask, so the device doesn’t get damaged.

-How does the device work-

The UFO 2 face mask device with the activated mask combines eight different LED lights, and each light focuses on a specific skin problem or condition such as acne, skin discoloration, soothing the skin or alleviating skin damage.

Red light enhances collagen production, it improves skin elasticity and firmness, it can also reduce wrinkles and signs of aging over time. Blue light reduces skin imperfections, regulates sebum production and kills bacteria, which can ultimately help acne-prone skin.

Green light works to even out the complexion and generally to alleviate skin discoloration. Purple light relieves inflammation on the skin, eliminates toxins from the skin and accelerates skin healing. Orange light alleviates skin damage caused by excessive sun exposure and revitalizes the skin, it is responsible for the healthy glow of the skin.foreo-facemask

Yellow light relieves sunburn and improves skin tone. Cyan light is a blue-green light that soothes the skin, accelerates skin healing, reduces broken capillaries and facial pain. White light is the most effective of all, it penetrates the deepest into the skin and firms the skin, reduces swelling and promotes self-renewal of the skin.

In addition to therapy with these LED lights, the FOREO UFO 2 device also combines thermotherapy, cryotherapy and the use of T-sonic pulsations. Thermotherapy, or heat therapy, gives the skin a glow by releasing natural sebum on the surface of the skin, softens the skin and prepares it for more efficient absorption of all the nutrients of the smart mask.

It heats the device up to 45 °C, opens the pores and thus allows better absorption of the product into the skin. I would compare the level of heat on the skin with washing the skin with warm water, not at all uncomfortable on the skin and with thermo therapy I have a feeling that my circulation works better.foreo-homespa

Cryotherapy, or cooling therapy, treats various skin conditions – it reduces swelling, provides an anti-inflammatory effect, tightens and firms the skin. It shrinks the pores and cools the skin with a temperature of up to 5 ° C. This is a great thing for me because it soothes and cools the skin, especially around the eyes and if I have any active inflammation on my face.

T-sonic pulsations gently massage the skin and relax the muscles, smooth the wrinkles and improve the absorption of products into the skin, they also improve the effect of the UFO smart mask. The pulsation is pleasant on the skin and similar to the LUNA mini 3, only slightly milder.

-My thoughts about the device-

The entire device is coated with silicone which prevents the device from slipping during use. The device comes with a stand, which is extremely practical when applying the smart mask on the device. At first it was a little unusual for me to feel the heating and cooling on my face, but nothing uncomfortable on my skin and I got used to it very quickly. After two or three uses, I got used to not putting a mask on my face, but having to put it on the device first and use it that way.

For the past few months, especially now during quarantine, I use to wake up during the night and felt exactly how dehydrated and dry my skin is in the area around my lips and nose. The first night after using this smart mask, I didn’t have that feeling of dryness in the area around my mouth. My skin was hydrated, soft and recovered.foreo-smartmask-ufo2

I have also noticed that my skin generally looks better and I no longer have any dry patches on my face. Especially in the area around the mouth and nose, as I used to have. It seems to me that I have less discoloration on my face and that my acne, which sometimes appear on my skin, heal faster and the spots on my skin disappear faster.

The only downside of this device is the size that can’t reach those hard-to-reach corners on the face – like the area under the eyes or around the nose. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t reach those specific areas well enough. The device itself is too big for me and not flexible enough to reach those hard-to-reach places. It’s not a big problem because I massage the rest of the mask into my face at the end of the treatment anyway, and even those hard-to-reach places get the care and hydration.

-Choosing the right mask-

Surely you know that Korean cosmetics are currently flooding the market and all beauty enthusiasts have at least one K-beauty product, including me. FOREO has recognized the quality of Korean cosmetics and in collaboration with Korean skincare experts has created these smart masks that are activated using a UFO device. The masks are made of plush microfibers, on the official FOREO website you can find a large selection of masks for each skin type.

As for the recommendation for choosing a smart mask, I got four masks to try – Shimmer Freak, H2Overdose, Make My Day and Call It a Night. I tried all four of these masks, none of them irritated my skin, my skin was incredibly smooth and soft after use.Shimmer Freak is a mask that refreshes the eye area, it contains caffeine and niacinamide and it’s suitable for acne-prone skin. H2Overdose mask intensively hydrates the skin, and its effect is very similar to Make My Day mask with hyaluronic acid and red algae. Call It a Night mask contains olive oil and ginseng and it great for revitalizing and softening the skin.

foreo-activatedmaskI did not notice any particular difference while using all the masks listed, except in the ingredients contained in each mask. All four masks gave my skin a lot of hydration and did a great job of nourishing my skin as if I was in a spa. So you won’t go wrong if you simply choose a mask according to your own skin type and the skin effect you want to achieve.

-Yes or no?-

As a person who loves beauty gadgets like this, I simply enjoyed using this FOREO UFO 2 facial treatment device. I’m not a fan of beauty salons because I don’t like someone else touching my face, so a device like this is just to my liking. When I see that I need a little boost, I can do a facial treatment in the comfort of my home with this smart device, without leaving the house at all.

If you love face masks and beauty gadgets, you have my warmest recommendations for this device. 🙂

All other information about the device can be found on the official FOREO website.


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