FOREO BEAR Microcurrent Device


Swedish brand FOREO is known for its innovative approach to skin care and for combining technology with skincare. They have developed amazing beauty devices that make skincare fun and also effective at home. So far, I have introduced you to two FOREO devices: LUNA mini 3 facial cleansing device and UFO 2 smart mask, and now I have tested the FOREO BEAR microcurrent facial firming device for you.


FOREO BEAR microcurrent is a smart device that, in addition to t-sonic pulsations, conducts microcurrent on the skin and tones all 65+ muscles on the face and neck. Something like a facial fitness device for exercising facial muscles, we can call it that. The result of consistent use of this innovative device is smoother and firmer skin with visible facial contours and more beautiful skin.

The device is safe to use at home because it has a unique Anti-Shock System that eliminates any chance of shock and you can stop the treatment whenever you want. This system scans the skin and automatically adjusts the current intensity optimal for comfortable and safe use. Bear also supports the use of five different microcurrent intensities so that it can be completely adapted to your needs. foreo-bear

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